BCDS_BSP_Mic_AKU340.h File Reference
#include "BCDS_HAL.h"
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 BCDS_DEPRECATED (int32_t BSP_Mic_AKU340_Sense(void))
 Senses the AKU340 Microphone signal. More...
Retcode_T BSP_Mic_AKU340_Connect (void)
 Maps the GPIO pins To their desired function. More...
Retcode_T BSP_Mic_AKU340_Disable (void)
 Disables the control over the AKU340. More...
Retcode_T BSP_Mic_AKU340_Disconnect (void)
 Disconnects the peripheral from the MCU. More...
Retcode_T BSP_Mic_AKU340_Enable (void)
 Enables the control over the on board AKU340. More...

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