BCDS_BSP_TestInterface.h File Reference
#include "BCDS_HAL.h"
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Detailed Description

A prior call to BSP_Board_Initialize(param1, param2) function is necessary to initialize the MCU resources needed by the test interface. Once the Test is requested a call to BSP_TestInterface_Connect() function is required to map the internal MCU resources to their associated function.

The application needs get the handle for the MCU resource driver via BSP_TestInterface_GetHandle() and to initialize the MCU resource driver by calling the MCU_<RESOURCE>_Initialize() and providing it with the previously acquired handle and an event callback function.

Then a call to BSP_TestInterface_Enable() will execute the required sequence to enable the test interface and will associate the interrupt requests to their appropriate service routines.

The BSP_TestInterface_Disable() will revert back what the BSP_TestInterface_Enable() has done and set the Test and the MCU resource into disabled state.

The BSP_TestInterface_Disconnect() will put the GPIO pins associated to the Test peripheral in analog mode to further reduce the consumption.

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