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BCDS_Bma280Utils.h File Reference
#include "BCDS_AxisRemap.h"
#include "BCDS_BSP_SensorNode.h"
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Data Structures

struct  Bma280Utils_ConfigInterrupt_S
 structure to represent interrupt configuration of Bma280 More...
struct  Bma280Utils_Info_S
 structure to hold the Bma280 specific configurations like GPIO ,I2c and axisRemap More...
struct  Bma280Utils_SlopeIntrConfig_S
 structure representing the configuration of Bma280 slope interrupt More...


typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct Bma280Utils_Info_S Bma280Utils_Info_T
typedef struct Bma280Utils_Info_SBma280Utils_InfoPtr_T
typedef enum
typedef void * Bma280Utils_IntrConfigPtr_T
 Pointer to represent interrupt configuration structure. More...
typedef enum Bma280Utils_IntrType_E Bma280Utils_IntrType_T
typedef struct
typedef struct


enum  Bma280Utils_IntrChannel_E
 Enumeration to represent supported interrupt channels of Bma280. More...
enum  Bma280Utils_IntrType_E
 Enumeration to represent supported interrupt types of Bma280. More...


Retcode_T Bma280Utils_configInterrupt (Bma280Utils_InfoPtr_T bma280Info, Bma280Utils_ConfigInterruptPtr_T interruptConfig)
 Function to Configure interrupts of Bma280. Before calling this API Update the below information in the appropriate structure 1) Update callback function in Bma280Utils_InfoPtr_T. 2) Update the type of callback(deferred or real time) in Bma280Utils_InfoPtr_T. 3) Update interrupt type and channel to Which interrupt needs be associated in Bma280Utils_ConfigInterrupt_T. 4) Update Bma280Utils_IntrConfigPtr_T with appropriate interrupt configuration After calling this API the given interrupt will be enabled on the given channel and the callback will be associated with the interrupt. More...
Retcode_T Bma280Utils_disableInterrupt (Bma280Utils_InfoPtr_T bma280Info, Bma280Utils_IntrType_T interruptType, Bma280Utils_IntrChannel_T interruptChannel)
 Function to Disable the Interrupt. More...
Retcode_T Bma280Utils_initialize (Bma280Utils_InfoPtr_T bma280Info)
 Function to initialize Bma280. This needs to be called before calling any other API. More...
Retcode_T Bma280Utils_remapAxis (Bma280Utils_InfoPtr_T bma280Info, AxisRemap_Data_T *accelData)
 Function to read remapped Bma280 data. More...
Retcode_T Bma280Utils_uninitialize (Bma280Utils_InfoPtr_T bma280Info)
 Function to uninitialize Accel.After calling this API sensor is no more usable without initializing it again by calling Bma280Utils_initialize() API. More...

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