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BCDS_NetworkConfig.h File Reference
#include "BCDS_Basics.h"
#include "BCDS_Retcode.h"
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Data Structures

struct  NetworkConfig_IpSettings_S




typedef void(* NetworkConfig_IpCallback_T )(NetworkConfig_IpStatus_T ipStatus)
typedef struct
typedef enum


enum  NetworkConfig_IpStatus_E


 BCDS_DEPRECATED (void NetworkConfig_SetIpStatus(NetworkConfig_IpStatus_T ipStatus))
 Function to set the IP status. More...
 BCDS_DEPRECATED (Retcode_T NetworkConfig_GetIpSettings(NetworkConfig_IpSettings_T *myIpSettings))
 Function to handle WLAN IP settings. This function gets the IP settings after a Successful connection. More...
 BCDS_DEPRECATED (Retcode_T NetworkConfig_SetIpStatic(NetworkConfig_IpSettings_T myIpSettings))
 Function to handle WLAN IP settings. This function sets the static IP. More...
 BCDS_DEPRECATED (Retcode_T NetworkConfig_SetIpDhcp(NetworkConfig_IpCallback_T myIpCallback))
 Function to handle WLAN IP settings. This function sets the IP by using DHCP. More...
 BCDS_DEPRECATED (uint32_t NetworkConfig_Ipv4Value(uint8_t add3, uint8_t add2, uint8_t add1, uint8_t add0))
 Function to convert an IP to hexadecimal. More...
 BCDS_DEPRECATED (uint8_t NetworkConfig_Ipv4Byte(uint32_t ipValue, uint8_t index))
 Function to convert an hexadecimal to IP. More...
 BCDS_DEPRECATED (NetworkConfig_IpStatus_T NetworkConfig_GetIpStatus(void))
 Function to get the IP status. This function return the IP status. More...
 BCDS_DEPRECATED (Retcode_T NetworkConfig_GetIpAddress(uint8_t *url, uint32_t *destAddr))
 This API returns back the Ip address by the host name. More...

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