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BCDS_StepCounter.h File Reference
#include "BCDS_Retcode.h"
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typedef void * StepCounter_HandlePtr_T
typedef enum StepCounter_Mode_E StepCounter_Mode_T


enum  StepCounter_Mode_E


Retcode_T StepCounter_clear (StepCounter_HandlePtr_T handle)
 Clear Step Counter value (Resets the step counts calculated) More...
Retcode_T StepCounter_deInit (StepCounter_HandlePtr_T handle)
 API to Deinitialise the step counter module. More...
Retcode_T StepCounter_init (StepCounter_HandlePtr_T handle)
 Initializes the Step Counter sensor.This API should return RETCODE_OK in order to communicate with sensor.This function needs to be called before calling any other function of the Step counter sensor api. More...
Retcode_T StepCounter_read (StepCounter_HandlePtr_T handle, int16_t *stepCounterValue)
 Read step count value (Provides the number of user steps) More...
Retcode_T StepCounter_setMode (StepCounter_HandlePtr_T handle, StepCounter_Mode_T stepCounterMode)
 Set Step Counter Mode
This sensor allows to configure the mode of the step counter. More...

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