BSP_UMTS_QuectelUC20.h File Reference

UMTS Quectel UC20 cellular module board settings header file. More...

#include "BCDS_BSP_UMTS_QuectelUC20.h"
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#define UMTS_UART_BAUDRATE   115200

Detailed Description

This file holds static configurations which are meant to be assigned to a peripheral at the XDK110_RD extension board at a certain point in time for the Initialize, Enable, Disable, functions. It is preferred to have only macro definitions in this file so that it contains compile time necessary information only.

Macro Definition Documentation


Macro to represent the required delay after enabling power and reset pin


Macro to represent the required delay during Power OFF


Macro to represent the Power ON pin


Macro to represent the required delay during Power ON


Macro to represent the Reset pin


Macro to represent the required delay during reset

#define UMTS_UART_BAUDRATE   115200

Macro to represent UART baudrate

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