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BleCyclingSpeedAndCadence_Service.h File Reference
#include "bleTypes.h"
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Data Structures

struct  BleCyclingSpeedAndCadenceServiceMeasurement
union  BleCyclingSpeedAndCadenceServiceMeasurementFlags




typedef void(* BleCyclingSpeedAndCadenceServiceCallBack )(BleCyclingSpeedAndCadenceServiceEvent event, BleStatus status, void *parms)
typedef U8 BleCyclingSpeedAndCadenceServiceEvent
typedef U8 BleCyclingSpeedAndCadenceServiceFlags

Macro Definition Documentation


BLE_CYCLINGSPEEDANDCADENCESERVICE_SUPPORT_CRANK_REVOLUTION_DATA Define if the the CSC Sensor supports (1) or not (0) to set the Crank Revolution Data value in a measurement. The default value is supported (1)


BLE_CYCLINGSPEEDANDCADENCESERVICE_SUPPORT_WHEEL_REVOLUTION_DATA Define if the the CSC Sensor supports (1) or not (0) to set the Wheel Revolution Data values in a measurement. The default value is supported (1)


BLE_SUPPORT_CYCLINGSPEEDANDCADENCE_SERVICE Defines if the BLE local device enables access to the local CYCLING SPEED AND CADENCE service and characteristic.

If enabled ( set to 1 ) it enables Profiles or directly an Application to get access to the CYCLING SPEED AND CADENCE Service and characteristic

The default value for this option is disabled (0).


BLECYCLINGSPEEDANDCADENCESERVICE_EVENT_CUMULATIVEWHEELVALUEUPDATED Event received when a Collector has a new Cumulative Value for the cumulative wheel revolution. The Status field is always BLESTATUS_SUCCESS The parms field indicates the new cumulative value as a U32 U32 cumulativeWheelRevolution = *((U32 *) parms). NOTE : The Sensor shall apply/set the new cumulative value when receiving this event. This event is only applicable when BLE_CYCLINGSPEEDANDCADENCESERVICE_SUPPORT_WHEEL_REVOLUTION_DATA is supported


Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* BleCyclingSpeedAndCadenceServiceCallBack)(BleCyclingSpeedAndCadenceServiceEvent event, BleStatus status, void *parms)

BleCyclingSpeedAndCadenceServiceCallBack This callback receives the CYCLING SPEED AND CADENCE SERVICE events. Each events may be assiociated with specified status and parameters. The callback is executed during the stack context, be careful to not doing heavy process in this function.

BleCyclingSpeedAndCadenceServiceEvent type Define the different kind of events that could be received by the BleCyclingSpeedAndCadenceServiceCallBack

BleCyclingSpeedAndCadenceServiceFlags type Bitfield defining the available flags values.

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