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BleHealthThermometer_Service.h File Reference
#include "bleTypes.h"
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Data Structures

struct  BleHealthThermometerTemperature




typedef U8 BleHealthThermometerTemperatureType


BleStatus BLEHEALTHTHERMOMETER_SetTemperature (BleHealthThermometerTemperature *temperature)

Macro Definition Documentation



Defines if the Temperature type is static over the temperature measurement (BLE_HEALTHTHERMOMETER_STATIC_TEMPERATURETYPE set to 1) or not (BLE_HEALTHTHERMOMETER_STATIC_TEMPERATURETYPE set to 0).

There are two exclusive methods to enable a Thermometer to provide temperature type information to a Collector. Either one method or the other is used, but not both. The BLE_HEALTHTHERMOMETER_STATIC_TEMPERATURETYPE is intended to be enabled when the value is static while in a connection. For temperature type values that are non-static while in a connection (e.g. configured using a switch or a simple user interface on a thermometer), the Temperature Type field in the Temperature Measurement characteristic (refer to Section 3.1) shall be provided, so it will add the measurement type within each temperature mesurement.

if BLE_HEALTHTHERMOMETER_STATIC_TEMPERATURETYPE is enabled (1), the BLEHEALTHTHERMOMETER_SetMeasurementType API will be enabled to allow the application to change the type when not connected.

If BLE_HEALTHTHERMOMETER_STATIC_TEMPERATURETYPE is disabled (0), the BleHealthThermometerTemperature structure passed to BLEHEALTHTHERMOMETER_SetTemperature contains the measurementType field.

If the thermometer is for general use, a value of 0x02 Body (general) may be used.

The default value for this option is enabled (1).


BLE_HEALTHTHERMOMETER_SUPPORT_TEMPERATURETYPE The temperature type describes the type of temperature measurement in relation to the location on the human body at which the temperature was measured. If The temperature type if supported, it can be populated to the collector using two exclusive methods (staticaly -default- or dynamicaly over a connection).

The default value for this option is disabled (0).


BLE_HEALTHTHERMOMETER_SUPPORT_TIMESTAMP The Time Stamp field shall be included in the Temperature Measurement characteristic if the device supports storing of data. Otherwise it is optional. If a time stamp is supported, the thermometer includes the Time Stamp in the Temperature Measurement characteristic. The value of the Time Stamp field is derived from a source of date and time at the time of measurement. If the Time Stamp feature is supported, a source of date and time is mandatory.

if BLE_HEALTHTHERMOMETER_SUPPORT_TIMESTAMP is enabled (1), the BleHealthThermometerTemperature structure passed to BLEHEALTHTHERMOMETER_SetTemperature contains the TimeStamp field.

The default value for this option is disabled (0).


BLE_SUPPORT_HEALTHTHERMOMETER_SERVICE Defines if the BLE local device enables access to the local Health Thermometer service and characteristic.

If enabled ( set to 1 ) it enables Profiles to get access to the Health Thermometer Service and characteristic

The default value for this option is disabled (0).


Typedef Documentation

BleHealthThermometerTemperatureType type Define the different kind of temperature type that could be set in the BLEHEALTHTHERMOMETER_SetTemperature or BLEHEALTHTHERMOMETER_SetTemperatureType API it is one of the BLEHEALTHTHERMOMETER_TYPE_* defined below

Function Documentation

BleStatus BLEHEALTHTHERMOMETER_SetTemperature ( BleHealthThermometerTemperature temperature)

Set the current temperature

BLEHEALTHTHERMOMETER_SetTemperature() This function is used to set the current temperature characteristic value


temperature: the structure representing the temperature measurement
The status of the operation:
  • BLESTATUS_SUCCESS indicates that the operation succeeded.
  • BLESTATUS_FAILED indicates that the operation has failed.

if BLE_PARMS_CHECK is set to 1:

  • BLESTATUS_INVALID_PARMS indicates that the function has failed because an invalid parameter.
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