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BleLinkLoss_Service.h File Reference
#include "bleTypes.h"
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Data Structures

struct  BleLinkLossAlert




typedef U8 BleLinkLossAlertLevel
typedef void(* BleLinkLossCallBack )(BleLinkLossEvent event, BleStatus status, void *parms)
typedef U8 BleLinkLossEvent

Macro Definition Documentation


BLE_SUPPORT_LINKLOSS_SERVICE Defines if the BLE local device enables access to the Link Loss Service

If enabled ( set to 1 ) it enables Profiles to get access to the link Loss Service and characteristic

The default value for this option is disabled (0).


BLELINKLOSS_ALERT_HIGHALERT The alert level is high Alert, the device shall alert in the strongest possible way.


BLELINKLOSS_ALERT_MEDIUMALERT The Alert level is medium Alert, the device shall alert.


BLELINKLOSS_ALERT_NOALERT The alert level is no alert; no alerting shall be done on this device.


BLELINKLOSS_EVENT_ALERT Event received when a new alerting state is raised. for example when the link will be disconnected the Link loss service will send the BLELINKLOSS_EVENT_ALERT event with the configurated alert level. The specific action that occurs in the device for the mild and high alerts is implementation specific. For example, this could include flashing lights, making noises, moving, or other methods to alert the user.

Typedef Documentation

BleLinkLossAlertLevel type Define the different kind of Alert level that could be received by the BleLinkLossCallBack within the BleLinkLossAlert parmeter in the BLELINKLOSS_EVENT_ALERT.

typedef void(* BleLinkLossCallBack)(BleLinkLossEvent event, BleStatus status, void *parms)

BleLinkLossCallBack This callback receives the LINK LOSS SERVICE events. Each events may be assiociated with specified parameters. The callback is executed during the stack context, be careful to not doing heavy process in this function.

BleLinkLossEvent type Define the different kind of events that could be received by the BleLinkLossCallBack

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