BleRadio.h File Reference
#include "BleTypes.h"
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void BLEHCI_RadioIsInitialised (BleStatus status)
BleStatus BLEHCI_SendRadioCommand (U16 opCode, U8 parmsLen, U8 *parms)
void BLERADIO_HCIEventHandler (U8 eventCode, U8 parmsLen, U8 *parms)
BleStatus BLERADIO_Init (void)

Function Documentation

void BLEHCI_RadioIsInitialised ( BleStatus  status)

Notify the STACK that the radio has been initialised

BLEHCI_RadioIsInitialised() This function shall be call by the Application when the radio initialisation is done.


status : The status of the RADIO initialisation, BLESTATUS_SUCCESS means that the radio is successfully initialised, the STACK will continue its initialisation process. BLESTATUS_FAILED means that the radio is not initialised. It will result the CORE stack callback to receive the BLEEVENT_INITIALIZATION_RSP with the status BLESTATUS_FAILED.

return nothing

BleStatus BLEHCI_SendRadioCommand ( U16  opCode,
U8  parmsLen,
U8 parms 
void BLERADIO_HCIEventHandler ( U8  eventCode,
U8  parmsLen,
U8 parms 
BleStatus BLERADIO_Init ( void  )

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