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Bme280Utils.c File Reference
#include "BCDS_SensorUtils.h"
#include "BCDS_Bme280Utils.h"
#include "BCDS_I2CTransceiver.h"
#include "BCDS_BSP_Board.h"
#include "SensorNodeMapping.h"
#include <bme280.h>
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#define DELAY_100MS   UINT32_C(100)


static void Bme280Utils_DelayMS (BME280_MDELAY_DATA_TYPE delayMS)
 Function to provide a delay. More...
Retcode_T Bme280Utils_initialize (Bme280Utils_InfoPtr_T bme280Info)
 Function to initialize Environmental.This needs to be called before calling any other API. More...
Retcode_T Bme280Utils_uninitialize (Bme280Utils_InfoPtr_T bme280Info)
 Function to uninitialize Environmental.After calling this API sensor is no more usable without initializing it again by calling Bme280Utils_initialize() API. More...
static Retcode_T libErrorMapping (BME280_RETURN_FUNCTION_TYPE BME280_libReturn)
 This function maps error codes returned from BME280 library to retcode values. More...


struct bme280_t bme280Initialization
static bool initializationStatus = false

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DELAY_100MS   UINT32_C(100)

macro used to represent 100ms delay variable to check initialization status

Function Documentation

static void Bme280Utils_DelayMS ( BME280_MDELAY_DATA_TYPE  delayMS)
delayMSDelay in milliseconds

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static Retcode_T libErrorMapping ( BME280_RETURN_FUNCTION_TYPE  BME280_libReturn)
[in]BME280_RETURN_FUNCTION_TYPEReturn value from BME280 library
Return values
RETCODE_OKBME280 sensor API call success
RETCODE_FAILUREBME280 sensor API call failed
RETCODE_INVALID_PARAMBME280 sensor API call failed because of invalid input parameter

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Variable Documentation

struct bme280_t bme280Initialization
bool initializationStatus = false

BME280 initialization structure

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