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ExtensionGpioExample.c File Reference
#include "XdkAppInfo.h"
#include "AppController.h"
#include "ExtensionGpioExample.h"
#include <stdio.h>
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Retcode_T ExtensionGpioExample_DeleteGpio (BSP_ExtensionPort_PinId_T pinId)
 This API is used to de-initialize a particular GPIO pin and put it into default state. More...
Retcode_T ExtensionGpioExample_InitGpioIntBothEdge (BSP_ExtensionPort_PinId_T pinId)
 This API is used to configure GPIO as Input and capable of triggering interrupt for both Raising and Falling. After calling this API successfully the signal on the GPIO will trigger an Interrupt. More...
Retcode_T ExtensionGpioExample_InitGpioOutputMode (BSP_ExtensionPort_PinId_T pinId)
 This API is used to configure GPIO pin as output pin. More...
Retcode_T ExtensionGpioExample_Initialize (CmdProcessor_T *handle)
 This API is used to initialize the GPIO example resources. More...
static void GpioInterruptCallback (void)
 Callback function to be triggered upon interrupt in GPIO input pin BSP_ExtensionPort_ReadGpio() is used to read the pin value on interrupt. More...
static void GpioInterruptConsumer (void *param1, uint32_t pinValue)
 Deferred function called upon interrupt to process, this way of implementation can be used in case user want to execute long procedure upon this event on GPIO. More...


static CmdProcessor_TGpioCmdProcessHandle
static BSP_ExtensionPort_PinId_T GpioPinIdForEdgeInterrupt = BSP_EXTENSIONPORT_GPIO_MAX

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