ExtensionSpiExample.h File Reference
#include "AppController.h"
#include "BCDS_Retcode.h"
#include "BCDS_CmdProcessor.h"
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Retcode_T ExtensionSpiExample_DeInitialize (void)
 This API Deinitialize the SPI interface driver Once this called, from there-on user needs to call ExtensionSpiExample_Initialize for using the SPI communication again. More...
Retcode_T ExtensionSpiExample_Initialize (CmdProcessor_T *handle)
 This API initialize the SPI Interface Driver. More...
Retcode_T ExtensionSpiExample_ReadRegister (uint8_t regAddr, uint8_t *readVal, uint8_t readLength)
 This API Read the value from the SPI interface driver. More...
Retcode_T ExtensionSpiExample_ValidateChip (void)
 This API is used to demonstrate read and write on the extension port SPI interface. More...
Retcode_T ExtensionSpiExample_WriteRegister (uint8_t regAddr, uint8_t *writeVal, uint8_t writeLength)
 This API Write the Value to the SPI interface driver. More...

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