Known Issues

Lists known issues in XDK SDK

# Area Issue Description
1 Essentials De-bouncing feature for push button module is currently not supported.
2 BSP USB CDC ACM is only working, when application or bootloader is running.
When application is crashed or does not start, USB Device is not recognized on PC. Resetting XDK helps.
3 BSP When USB is connected to PC, but COM port is not opened, printf transmissions will experience around 10ms delay.
4 BSP Each USB transmission (such as printf) is truncated at 1024 bytes.
5 BSP BMM150_INT along with SD_DETECT interrupt cannot be used at the same time. Similarly BMI160_INT2 along with BUTTON2 interrupt & BMA280_INT2 along with BUTTON1 interrupt cannot be used at the same time.
6 Base System A printf message must end with "\n", since stdio keep storing the printf arguments until it encounters a "\n".
7 Base System Printf is comparably slow and might exhibit unpredictable timing behaviour.
8 Base System XDK software uses newlib as C standard library which makes malloc, free, printf and other library functions not thread-safe.
9 Networking WLAN transfers at high frequencies are currently not supported.
10 Networking Multi-threading for WLAN transfers is not implemented.
11 Networking Support for TLS/HTTPS is in 'technical preview' state and not ready for production use. Especially, operations relying on the random number generator are not secure, as the RNG is always returning 0.
12 Networking Sending data over BLE at high frequencies is currently unsupported.
13 Sensors When the magnetic sensor is exposed to high magnetic field, the value read may be greater than 2500 microtesla on the Z axis.
14 Sensors Initialization of sensors takes an initial delay. Without this delay, first few samples would be incorrect.
15 Sensors The XDK sensor API allows all (even invalid) power mode transitions. Please refer to the sensor data sheets for valid power mode transitions.
16 Lem When Lem Sensor external hardware is connected to XDK with USB connected the current value fluctuates from 0 to 9Ampere.
17 SendVirtualSensorDataOverUsb App Step counting is not sensed.
18 SendVirtualSensorDataOverUsb App FingerPrint is not sensed at some magnetic range
19 SendVirtualSensorDataOverUsb App Gesture not sensed for certain conditions
20 VirtualXdkDemo App Button user activity not detectable sometimes
21 VirtualXdkDemo App Acceleration and Angular Rotation Rate Sensor data not displayed in 3D model view of Virtual XDK mobile Application.
22 WlanNetworkManagement App XDK connection status log needs improvement
23 SendAccelDataOverUdpAndBle App BLE reconnection is unstable
24 SendDataOverBle App Multiple BLE disconnection is unstable

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