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Max44009Utils.c File Reference
#include "BCDS_SensorUtils.h"
#include "BCDS_Max44009Utils.h"
#include "BCDS_I2CTransceiver.h"
#include "BCDS_BSP_Board.h"
#include "SensorNodeMapping.h"
#include "BCDS_Max44009.h"
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static Retcode_T configureThresholdInterrupt (Max44009Utils_ThresholdIntrConfigPtr_T interruptConfig)
 Function responsible to configure Threshold interrupt conditions in the support layer. More...
Retcode_T Max44009Utils_configInterrupt (Max44009Utils_ThresholdIntrConfigPtr_T interruptConfig)
 Function to Configure interrupts of Max44009. Before calling this API Update the below information in the appropriate structure 1) Update callback function in Max44009Utils_InfoPtr_T. 2) Update the type of callback(deferred or real time) in Max44009Utils_InfoPtr_T. After calling this API the given interrupt will be enabled and the callback will be associated with the interrupt. More...
Retcode_T Max44009Utils_disableInterrupt ()
 Function to Disable the Interrupt.Max44009 sensor supports only Threshold Interrupt. So, calling this API will disable Max44009 Threshold interrupt explicitly. More...
Retcode_T Max44009Utils_initialize (Max44009Utils_InfoPtr_T max44009Info)
 Function to initialize Max44009. This needs to be called before calling any other API. More...
Retcode_T Max44009Utils_uninitialize (Max44009Utils_InfoPtr_T max44009Info)
 Function to uninitialize Max44009.After calling this API sensor is no more usable without initializing it again by calling Max44009Utils_initialize() API. More...


static bool initializationStatus = false
static MAX44009_Init_T max44009Initialization

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static Retcode_T configureThresholdInterrupt ( Max44009Utils_ThresholdIntrConfigPtr_T  interruptConfig)
[in]interruptConfigstructure representing to Threshold interrupt configuration
Return values
RETCODE_OKMAX44009 sensor configure Threshold interrupt success.
RETCODE_FAILUREMAX44009 sensor configure Threshold interrupt failed.
RETCODE_INVALID_PARAMMAX44009 sensor configure Threshold interrupt failed because of invalid input parameter.

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bool initializationStatus = false

< variable to check initialization status MAX44009 initialization structure

MAX44009_Init_T max44009Initialization

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