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PIp.h File Reference
#include "BCDS_Retcode.h"
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#define BCDS_MODULE_ID   0
#define SERVAL_IP_ADDR_LEN   15U


typedef uint32_t Ip_Address_T
typedef uint16_t Ip_Port_T
typedef void * Tcp_Listener_T
typedef void * Tcp_Socket_T
typedef void * Udp_Socket_T


Retcode_T PalIp_setHostIp (Ip_Address_T ipAddress)
 This function sets the host IP by copying the received input argument to the host IP address. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BCDS_MODULE_ID   0
#define SERVAL_IP_ADDR_LEN   15U

Typedef Documentation

typedef uint32_t Ip_Address_T

IP address required for communicating to the server

typedef uint16_t Ip_Port_T

IP port required for communicating to server, UDP or TCP/IP

typedef void* Tcp_Listener_T
typedef void* Tcp_Socket_T
typedef void* Udp_Socket_T

Function Documentation

Retcode_T PalIp_setHostIp ( Ip_Address_T  ipAddress)
[in]ipAddress- The host IP address
RETCODE_OK always.

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