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RetargetStdio.c File Reference

Provide stdio retargeting for all supported toolchains. More...

#include "XdkCommonInfo.h"
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int RETARGET_ReadChar (void)
 RETARGET API used by printf to Get single byte from USB. More...
int RETARGET_WriteChar (const char *data, int length)

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int RETARGET_ReadChar ( void  )
See also
byte : The byte which was received from USB
This API was made to retarget the scanf API to transmit data through USB The USB_receiveByte API is blocking and other API(TBD) must be used for interrupt based USB transfers.
Usage of RETARGET_ReadChar should not be used in application code , since this api is required only for usb library
int RETARGET_WriteChar ( const char *  data,
int  length 

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