Serval_McastMgmt.h File Reference

An interface to the platform multicast management (IGMP/MLD) More...

#include <Serval_Types.h>
#include <Serval_Ip.h>
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retcode_t McastMgmt_joinMulticastGroup (Udp_Socket_T socket, Ip_Address_T *mcastGroupIp_ptr)

Detailed Description

This interface provides functions to deal with multicast management protocol, i.e. IGMP in the case of IPv4 or MLD in the case of IPv6.

Function Documentation

retcode_t McastMgmt_joinMulticastGroup ( Udp_Socket_T  socket,
Ip_Address_T mcastGroupIp_ptr 

This function should be used if the device needs to join a multicast group in order to be able to receive multicast messages going to this group. It triggers a message to register the desire of joining the multicast group to the network infrastructure devices such as routers. It can be used for MLD or IGMP.

[in]socketSocket to use for multicast group. It can be empty, i.e., not bound to a specific IP address or port.
[in]mcastGroupIp_ptrReference of IP address of the multicast group to register to. The IP address has to be a valid Multicast IP address and has to be created before calling this function.
On success, RC_OK is returned. On failure RC_UDP_MULTICAST_ERROR is returned.

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