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Serval_Network.h File Reference

Network helping moduleThis module provides some help functions to the stack with respect to IP and lower layers. More...

#include <Serval_Types.h>
#include <PIp.h>
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enum  Network_Event_T


retcode_t Ip_convertStringToAddr (const char *ipStr_ptr, Ip_Address_T *ipAddr_ptr)

Enumeration Type Documentation

This enum can be used to identify a network event.

This means the network events which are supported and identifiable.


Network event if a current IP binding is changed. This event should also posted when the device finishes its IP initialization and sets a valid IP address the first time.


Network event if a IP binding is done


Network event if a IP binding operation fails


Network event if a MAC binding operation fails

Function Documentation

retcode_t Ip_convertStringToAddr ( const char *  ipStr_ptr,
Ip_Address_T ipAddr_ptr 

Converts a given String to an IP address. Conversion stops at the first invalid character (neither separator nor number)

[in]ipStr_ptrIP address as a String which should be converted. It has to be a valid pointer.
[out]ipAddr_ptrSaves the converted address. It has to be a valid pointer.
RC_OK if the conversion is successful, RC_IP_INVALID_ADDRESS otherwise.

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