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XDK_BLE.h File Reference
#include "BCDS_Retcode.h"
#include "BCDS_Ble.h"
#include "BCDS_BlePeripheral.h"
#include "BCDS_BidirectionalService.h"
#include "XDK_SensorServices.h"
#include "BCDS_SensorServices.h"
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Data Structures

struct  BLE_DeviceCharacteristicsValue_S
 Structure to represent the BLE device characteristics values. More...
struct  BLE_Setup_S
 struct to represent the BLE setup features. More...


typedef void(* BLE_DataRxCB_T )(uint8_t *rxBuffer, uint8_t rxDataLength, void *param)
 Typedef to notify the application about any incoming data. More...
typedef struct
 Typedef to represent the BLE device characteristics value. More...
typedef enum BLE_Service_E BLE_Service_T
 Typedef to represent the BLE service supported. More...
typedef struct BLE_Setup_S BLE_Setup_T
 Typedef to represent the BLE setup feature. More...


enum  BLE_Service_E
 Enum to represent the BLE services supported. More...


Retcode_T BLE_Enable (void)
 This will enable the BLE. More...
bool BLE_IsConnected (void)
 This will tell if any peer is connected via BLE. More...
Retcode_T BLE_SendData (uint8_t *dataToSend, uint8_t dataToSendLen, void *param, uint32_t timeout)
 This will send the data via BLE. More...
Retcode_T BLE_Setup (BLE_Setup_T *setup)
 This will setup the BLE. More...

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