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XDK_WLAN.h File Reference
#include "BCDS_Retcode.h"
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Data Structures

struct  WLAN_Setup_S
 Structure to represent the WLAN setup features. More...


typedef struct WLAN_Setup_S WLAN_Setup_T
 Typedef to represent the WLAN setup feature. More...


Retcode_T WLAN_ConvertIPAddressToString (uint32_t ipAddress, char *string)
Retcode_T WLAN_Disable (void)
 This will disable the WLAN. More...
Retcode_T WLAN_Enable (void)
 This will enable the WLAN. More...
Retcode_T WLAN_IsIpChanged (bool *ipChangeStatus, uint32_t *newIp)
 This will validate if the WLAN IP configuration changed since WLAN_Enable. More...
Retcode_T WLAN_Reconnect (void)
 This will reconnect to the specified network if it is available. More...
Retcode_T WLAN_Setup (WLAN_Setup_T *setup)
 This will setup the WLAN. More...

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