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ff.h File Reference
#include "integer.h"
#include "ffconf.h"
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Data Structures

struct  DIR
struct  FATFS
struct  FIL
struct  FILINFO


#define _FATFS   64180 /* Revision ID */
#define _T(x)   x
#define _TEXT(x)   x
#define AM_ARC   0x20 /* Archive */
#define AM_DIR   0x10 /* Directory */
#define AM_HID   0x02 /* Hidden */
#define AM_LFN   0x0F /* LFN entry */
#define AM_MASK   0x3F /* Mask of defined bits */
#define AM_RDO   0x01 /* Read only */
#define AM_SYS   0x04 /* System */
#define AM_VOL   0x08 /* Volume label */
#define EOF   (-1)
#define f_eof(fp)   ((int)((fp)->fptr == (fp)->fsize))
#define f_error(fp)   ((fp)->err)
#define f_rewind(fp)   f_lseek((fp), 0)
#define f_rewinddir(dp)   f_readdir((dp), 0)
#define f_size(fp)   ((fp)->fsize)
#define f_tell(fp)   ((fp)->fptr)
#define FA__DIRTY   0x40
#define FA__WRITTEN   0x20
#define FA_CREATE_ALWAYS   0x08
#define FA_CREATE_NEW   0x04
#define FA_OPEN_ALWAYS   0x10
#define FA_OPEN_EXISTING   0x00
#define FA_READ   0x01
#define FA_WRITE   0x02
#define FS_FAT12   1
#define FS_FAT16   2
#define FS_FAT32   3
#define LD2PD(vol)   (BYTE)(vol) /* Each logical drive is bound to the same physical drive number */
#define LD2PT(vol)   0 /* Find first valid partition or in SFD */
#define LD_DWORD(ptr)   (DWORD)(*(DWORD*)(BYTE*)(ptr))
#define LD_WORD(ptr)   (WORD)(*(WORD*)(BYTE*)(ptr))
#define ST_DWORD(ptr, val)   *(DWORD*)(BYTE*)(ptr)=(DWORD)(val)
#define ST_WORD(ptr, val)   *(WORD*)(BYTE*)(ptr)=(WORD)(val)


typedef char TCHAR




FRESULT f_chdir (const TCHAR *path)
FRESULT f_chdrive (const TCHAR *path)
FRESULT f_chmod (const TCHAR *path, BYTE attr, BYTE mask)
 The f_chmod function changes the attribute of a file or sub-directory. More...
FRESULT f_close (FIL *fp)
 The f_close function closes an open file. More...
FRESULT f_closedir (DIR *dp)
 The f_closedir function closes an open directory. More...
FRESULT f_fdisk (BYTE pdrv, const DWORD szt[], void *work)
FRESULT f_findfirst (DIR *dp, FILINFO *fno, const TCHAR *path, const TCHAR *pattern)
FRESULT f_findnext (DIR *dp, FILINFO *fno)
FRESULT f_forward (FIL *fp, UINT(*func)(const BYTE *, UINT), UINT btf, UINT *bf)
FRESULT f_getcwd (TCHAR *buff, UINT len)
FRESULT f_getfree (const TCHAR *path, DWORD *nclst, FATFS **fatfs)
 The f_getfree function gets number of the free clusters on the volume. More...
FRESULT f_getlabel (const TCHAR *path, TCHAR *label, DWORD *vsn)
TCHARf_gets (TCHAR *buff, int len, FIL *fp)
 The f_gets reads a string from the file. More...
FRESULT f_lseek (FIL *fp, DWORD ofs)
 The f_lseek function moves the file read/write pointer of an open file object. It can also be used to expand the file size (cluster pre-allocation). More...
FRESULT f_mkdir (const TCHAR *path)
 The f_mkdir function creates a new directory. More...
FRESULT f_mkfs (const TCHAR *path, BYTE sfd, UINT au)
 The f_mkfs fucntion creates an FAT file system on the logical drive. More...
FRESULT f_mount (FATFS *fs, const TCHAR *path, BYTE opt)
 The f_mount fucntion registers/unregisters file system object to the FatFs module. More...
FRESULT f_open (FIL *fp, const TCHAR *path, BYTE mode)
 The f_open function creates a file object to be used to access the file. More...
FRESULT f_opendir (DIR *dp, const TCHAR *path)
 The f_opendir function opens a directory. More...
int f_printf (FIL *fp, const TCHAR *str,...)
 The f_printf function writes formatted string to the file. More...
int f_putc (TCHAR c, FIL *fp)
 The f_putc funciton puts a character to the file. More...
int f_puts (const TCHAR *str, FIL *cp)
 The f_puts function writes a string to the file. More...
FRESULT f_read (FIL *fp, void *buff, UINT btr, UINT *br)
 The f_read function reads data from a file. More...
FRESULT f_readdir (DIR *dp, FILINFO *fno)
 The f_readdir function reads directory entries. More...
FRESULT f_rename (const TCHAR *path_old, const TCHAR *path_new)
 Renames a file or sub-directory. More...
FRESULT f_setlabel (const TCHAR *label)
FRESULT f_stat (const TCHAR *path, FILINFO *fno)
 The f_stat function checks the existence of a file or sub-directory. More...
FRESULT f_sync (FIL *fp)
 The f_sync function flushes the cached information of a writing file. More...
FRESULT f_truncate (FIL *fp)
 The f_truncate function truncates the file size. More...
FRESULT f_unlink (const TCHAR *path)
 The f_unlink function removes a file or sub-directory. More...
FRESULT f_utime (const TCHAR *path, const FILINFO *fno)
 The f_utime function changes the timestamp of a file or sub-directory. More...
FRESULT f_write (FIL *fp, const void *buff, UINT btw, UINT *bw)
 The f_write writes data to a file. More...
WCHAR ff_convert (WCHAR chr, UINT dir)
int ff_cre_syncobj (BYTE vol, _SYNC_t *sobj)
int ff_del_syncobj (_SYNC_t sobj)
void ff_rel_grant (_SYNC_t sobj)
int ff_req_grant (_SYNC_t sobj)
WCHAR ff_wtoupper (WCHAR chr)
DWORD get_fattime (void)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _FATFS   64180 /* Revision ID */
#define _T (   x)    x
#define _TEXT (   x)    x
#define AM_ARC   0x20 /* Archive */
#define AM_DIR   0x10 /* Directory */
#define AM_HID   0x02 /* Hidden */
#define AM_LFN   0x0F /* LFN entry */
#define AM_MASK   0x3F /* Mask of defined bits */
#define AM_RDO   0x01 /* Read only */
#define AM_SYS   0x04 /* System */
#define AM_VOL   0x08 /* Volume label */
#define EOF   (-1)
#define f_eof (   fp)    ((int)((fp)->fptr == (fp)->fsize))
#define f_error (   fp)    ((fp)->err)
#define f_rewind (   fp)    f_lseek((fp), 0)
#define f_rewinddir (   dp)    f_readdir((dp), 0)
#define f_size (   fp)    ((fp)->fsize)
#define f_tell (   fp)    ((fp)->fptr)
#define FA__DIRTY   0x40
#define FA__WRITTEN   0x20
#define FA_CREATE_ALWAYS   0x08
#define FA_CREATE_NEW   0x04
#define FA_OPEN_ALWAYS   0x10
#define FA_OPEN_EXISTING   0x00
#define FA_READ   0x01
#define FA_WRITE   0x02
#define FS_FAT12   1
#define FS_FAT16   2
#define FS_FAT32   3
#define LD2PD (   vol)    (BYTE)(vol) /* Each logical drive is bound to the same physical drive number */
#define LD2PT (   vol)    0 /* Find first valid partition or in SFD */
#define LD_DWORD (   ptr)    (DWORD)(*(DWORD*)(BYTE*)(ptr))
#define LD_WORD (   ptr)    (WORD)(*(WORD*)(BYTE*)(ptr))
#define ST_DWORD (   ptr,
)    *(DWORD*)(BYTE*)(ptr)=(DWORD)(val)
#define ST_WORD (   ptr,
)    *(WORD*)(BYTE*)(ptr)=(WORD)(val)

Typedef Documentation

typedef char TCHAR

Function Documentation

FRESULT f_chdir ( const TCHAR path)
FRESULT f_chdrive ( const TCHAR path)
FRESULT f_fdisk ( BYTE  pdrv,
const DWORD  szt[],
void *  work 
FRESULT f_findfirst ( DIR dp,
const TCHAR path,
const TCHAR pattern 
FRESULT f_findnext ( DIR dp,
FRESULT f_forward ( FIL fp,
UINT(*)(const BYTE *, UINT func,
UINT  btf,
UINT bf 
FRESULT f_getcwd ( TCHAR buff,
UINT  len 
FRESULT f_getlabel ( const TCHAR path,
TCHAR label,
DWORD vsn 
FRESULT f_setlabel ( const TCHAR label)
WCHAR ff_convert ( WCHAR  chr,
UINT  dir 

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int ff_cre_syncobj ( BYTE  vol,
_SYNC_t sobj 

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int ff_del_syncobj ( _SYNC_t  sobj)

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void ff_rel_grant ( _SYNC_t  sobj)

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int ff_req_grant ( _SYNC_t  sobj)

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WCHAR ff_wtoupper ( WCHAR  chr)

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DWORD get_fattime ( void  )

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