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 Demo application for using MQTT protocol for an AWS server using Amazon FreeRTOS.
 The BoschXDKCloudConnectivity Application for the XDK implements a simple client, which enables a LWM2M server to read and receive sensor data from the XDK.
 Extension Temperature IO Board provides the Implementation of Extension Temperature IO Board(MAX31865) prints Temperature Data from PT100/1000 to Serial Console.
 Demo application for communicating with the HTTP to GET and POST content on the Server and demonstrate the use of custom headers.
 LED and Button interfaces of XDK.
 Demo application of Transmitting temperature,pressure,humidity and light sensor data on LoRa every configured interval (APP_CONTROLLER_LORA_TX_DELAY)
 LWM2M Client for connecting to a LWM2M server.
 This module is responsible for controlling the complete PPMP Unide application control flow.
 Demo application shows how to write a file to the SD card and later read back the file.
 Demo application of Transmitting BMA280 Accelerometer data on BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) and UDP every configured interval (APP_CONTROLLER_TX_DELAY)
 Demo application of Transmitting BMA280 Accelerometer data on BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) every configured interval (APP_CONTROLLER_TX_DELAY)
 Demo application for using MQTT protocol.
 Send Data Over UDP.
 Demo application of printing sensor data on serialport.
 Sensor Handles
 Handles used for the Advanced Sensor APIs in example applications.
 Demo application for demonstrating Sigfox radio communication.
 Application of printing all the defined sensors on serialport.
 Demo Application for Virtual XDK mobile application.
 Wlan Network Management demonstrates how to use the XDK WLAN Abstraction to scan for networks, join networks, set a static IP address or dynamically obtain an IP address via DHCP.
 XDK Application Template.
 Demo application for Explaining the usage of Extension Bus Supported peripherals like SPI , I2C , UART & GPIO.

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