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file  BCDS_FWContainer.h

Data Structures

struct  FWContainer_Header_S


#define VALUE(x)   VALUE_TO_STRING(x)
#define VALUE_TO_STRING(x)   #x
#define VAR_NAME_VALUE(var)   #var "=" VALUE(var)


typedef struct FWContainer_Footer_S FWContainer_Footer_T
typedef struct FWContainer_Header_S FWContainer_Header_T


struct FWContainer_Header_S __attribute__ ((packed))

Detailed Description

It allows the application to read the new FW via the VerificationAgent.

Data Structure Documentation

struct FWContainer_Footer_S

Data Fields

uint8_t FirmwareSignature [256]

Field Documentation

uint8_t FirmwareSignature[256]
struct FWContainer_Header_S

Data Fields

uint16_t ContainerVersion
uint32_t FirmwareCRC
uint32_t FirmwareSize
uint32_t FirmwareVersion
uint32_t HeaderCRC
uint16_t HeaderSize
uint16_t ProductClass
uint16_t ProductVariant
uint8_t ReservedBytes [232]
uint8_t ReservedBytes2 [256]

Field Documentation

uint16_t ContainerVersion
uint32_t FirmwareCRC

Reserved for the firmware

uint32_t FirmwareSize

major, minor, patch

uint32_t FirmwareVersion

Reserved for future use

uint32_t HeaderCRC

CRC of the firmware image

uint16_t HeaderSize

Default 1

uint16_t ProductClass

Size of the Header in bytes

uint16_t ProductVariant

Product + Minimum HW Version

uint8_t ReservedBytes[232]


uint8_t ReservedBytes2[256]

Size of the binary in bytes

Macro Definition Documentation

#define VALUE (   x)    VALUE_TO_STRING(x)
#define VALUE_TO_STRING (   x)    #x
#define VAR_NAME_VALUE (   var)    #var "=" VALUE(var)

Typedef Documentation

Function Documentation

struct FWContainer_Header_S __attribute__ ( (packed)  )

The serial port LINE CODING data structure, used to carry information about serial port baudrate, parity etc. between host and device.

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