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 XDK Extension Board macros definitions.
 XDK Board macros definitions.
 Board support package of Bosch XDK (Cross Development Platform) project .
 This interface module contains necessary Application Programming Interfaces to enable user to do external interfacing via the standard XDK extension board delivered along with the XDK Development Kit.
 Generic interface to the Board API.
 Hardware abstraction layer for the buttons peripherals.
 Generic interface to the IR sensor node BSP API.
 Generic interface to the LED BSP API.
 LoRa RN2483/RN2903
 Generic interface to the LPWAN (LoRa) RN2483/RN2903 BSP API.
 Hardware abstraction layer for the AKU340 microphone functionalities.
 Generic interface to the Secure Digital SD Card over SPI.
 Generic interface to the sensor node BSP API.
 Generic interface to the WIFI CC3100MOD BSP API.

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