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file  BCDS_MCU_Timer.h

Detailed Description

Use this component to control the timer hardware peripheral The timer is being set in the BSP including clock setup The application will get a driver handle by the BSP in order to control, start, stop the timer

Before using the timer it has to be initialized by a call to MCU_TIMER_Initialize

Retcode_T retcode = MCU_TIMER_Initialize(timer0, MyTimer0EventCallback);
if(RETCODE_OK != retcode)
// handle the error
// use the timer

Once the timer is successfully initialized, it can be used

It is possible to disable the entire TIMER feature in the HAL-BSP configuration file. i.e. the TIMER code will only be compiled and linked if the feature BCDS_FEATURE_TIMER is set to 1 in the configuration file.

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