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file  BCDS_MCU_Watchdog.h

Detailed Description

Application must initialize the watchdog timer with timeout. After which application must enable and feed the watchdog. The watchdog component also provides a function to determine the reset cause after a program reset.

#include "BCDS_MCU_Watchdog.h
MCU_Watchdog_Init_T wdgInitStruct;
wdgInitStruct.WdgCallback = NULL;
wdgInitStruct.ResetMode = WATCHDOG_RESET_ON;
wdgInitStruct.RunOnCpuHalt = true;
wdgInitStruct.Timeout = 6002;
wdgHandle = (WdgHandle_T)&wdgInitStruct;
retcode = MCU_Watchdog_Init(wdgHandle);
if(RETCODE_OK == retcode)
// enable the watchdog
retcode = MCU_Watchdog_Enable();
if(RETCODE_OK == retcode)
// Feed the watchdog
retcode = MCU_Watchdog_Feed();
It is possible to disable the entire watchdog feature in the HAL-BSP configuration file. I.e. the watchdog code will only be compiled and linked if the feature BCDS_FEATURE_WATCHDOG is set to 1 in the configuration file.

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