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Interface header for pal file system interfaces. More...

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file  BCDS_PalFilesystem.h

Data Structures

struct  Pal_File_S
 Structure to hold the file information. More...


typedef struct Pal_File_S const * FileHandle_T


Retcode_T PalFilesystem_Initialize (FileHandle_T root)
 Initialize the file system. More...

Detailed Description

Data Structure Documentation

struct Pal_File_S
+ Collaboration diagram for Pal_File_S:

Data Fields

char const * Data
unsigned int const Len
char const * Name
struct Pal_File_S const * Next

Field Documentation

char const* Data
unsigned int const Len
char const* Name
struct Pal_File_S const* Next

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct Pal_File_S const* FileHandle_T

Function Documentation

Retcode_T PalFilesystem_Initialize ( FileHandle_T  root)
RETCODE_OK Pal File System initialization success
RETCODE_NULL_POINTER File handle root pointer is NULL

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