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PAL Initialize

Interface header for the PAL_initialize module. More...

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file  PAL_initialize_ih.h




retcode_t PAL_getIpaddress (uint8_t *URL, Ip_Address_T *destAddr)
 This API returns back the IP address by the host name. More...
retcode_t PAL_initialize (void)
 This API initializes the PAL modules required by the serval. More...

Detailed Description

The interface header exports the High-level PAL API's to Initialize PAL & PAL GetIPAddress.

Macro Definition Documentation


Error occurred in initializing pal


Error occurred in initializing pal


Maximum size of the ip address

Function Documentation

retcode_t PAL_getIpaddress ( uint8_t *  URL,
Ip_Address_T destAddr 
[in]URL- The string pointer holding the host name
[out]destAddr- The variable in which IP address to be stored
Return values
RC_OK- IP address returned successfully
RC_PLATFORM_ERROR- Error occurred in fetching the ip address

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retcode_t PAL_initialize ( void  )
Return values
PAL_INITIALIZE_SUCCESS- PAL was initialized successfully
PAL_INITIALIZE_ERROR- Error occurred in initializing PAL

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