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file  Serval_Callable.h
 An implementation of function objects.This module implements a data structure Callable_T which encapsulates a function pointer. Callable_T elements are used as jobs which can be enqueued into the scheduler queue such that they are invoked when the scheduler processes its waiting queue. They are also used as callback functions in the case of asynchronous (non-blocking) calls, such as sending.
file  Serval_Exceptions.h
 Serval ExceptionHandlingThis interface provides type definitions, data types and functions to handle exceptions.
file  Serval_Log.h
 Logging ModuleThis module provides function to handle the logging. The logging can be done via UART or UDP/IP. The logging can be done in different modes (e.g. debugging).
file  Serval_Network.h
 Network helping moduleThis module provides some help functions to the stack with respect to IP and lower layers.
file  Serval_NVData.h
 It describes the struct for the non-volatile data data of the stack.In some applications, the device needs to periodically switch off and go to a deep-sleep state, where RAM and CPU registers are not retained. The stack supports such a duty-cycling mechanism by providing API functions to put the stack to sleep and to wake it up. In this case the stack must save its status into the non-volatile memory before going to sleep and to recover it when it wakes up again. This header specifies the non-volatile status of the stack in the struct NVData_S.
file  Serval_OpControl.h
 An interface to control the operation of stack.The header file provides functions to pre-initialize the stack components, which means, setting some essential flags to zero in the case this is not done by the boot loader. This must be done exactly once when the devices boots.
file  Serval_Profiling.h
 Profiling ModuleThis module provides definitions and functions to support the task of runtime and energy profiling. Beside the functions for runtime measurement it sets the status of hardware pins in order to make certain activities visible and traceable using an oscilloscope or a logic analyzer.
file  Serval_Serializer.h
 Serializer ModuleThis interface provides functions for the serialization and de-serialization of various data type.
file  Serval_StopWatch.h
 An interface to the stop watch module.This file provides interfaces to use stop watch functionality. In addition to the data structures needed to represent and manage a stop watch, this file also includes the interfaces which provides functionality like starting a stop watch, getting absolute time in millisecond and second since the start of stop watch and also getting starting time of stop watch.
file  Serval_StringDescr.h
 This module defines a string descriptor type.This interface provides type definitions, data types and functions to handle string descriptors.
file  Serval_StructCtx.h
 Struct context moduleThis header provides the macro GET_CONTEXT_OF_MEMBER which calculates the address of a struct from a given struct member.
file  Serval_XmlParser.h
 Interface to XML ParserThe purpose of this module is scanning a XML document. This means that the characters are divided in logical (lexical) parts. All information needed to continue parsing is stored inside a context. That way it is possible to simultanously handle multiple SOAP requests. Every message gets its own context for scanning. Furthermore, the original XML document is not modified.

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