Here is a list of all modules:
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 ApplicationsSample applications
 CommonReusable components across applications like connectivity,utility,etc.
 ConfigurationConfiguration Headers
 DriversModule contains several Peripheral Drivers (Memory, SDCard etc..)
 EMLIB Mathematical APIsMathematical APIs for Complex, Matrix, Statistics..
 EssentialsEssentials is the basic component of the BCDS Platform
 FAT File SystemFatFS Documentation
 FotaThis module provides declarations which are commonly used by Fota
 LoRaDriversThis file defines the Application programming interface for a LoRa
 NetworkNetwork related APIs such as BLE or WLAN
 RetargetIoThis module provide low-level stubs for retargetting stdio for all supported toolchains. The stubs are minimal yet sufficient implementations. Refer to chapter 12 in the reference manual for newlib 1.17.0 for details on implementing newlib stubs
 SensorsSensors related APIs
 ServalPalInterface header for the ServalPAL
 The metrics reported to the AWS IoT broker.
 UtilsUtility module

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