Data Fields
BleRunningSpeedAndCadenceServiceMeasurement Struct Reference

#include <SDK/xdk110/Libraries/BLEStack/3rd-party/Alpwise/ALPW-BLESDKCM3/BLESW_CoreStack/Interfaces/Services/BleRunningSpeedAndCadence_Service.h>

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Data Fields

BleRunningSpeedAndCadenceServiceMeasurementFlags flagValue
U8 instantaneousCadenceValue
U16 instantaneousSpeedValue

Detailed Description

BleRunningSpeedAndCadenceServiceMeasurement type Define the current RSC Measurement value to be set during the call of BLERUNNINGSPEEDANDCADENCESERVICE_SetRscMeasurement

Field Documentation

flagValue: The flags indicating what values are included in the measurement or what is the current running or walking status.

U8 instantaneousCadenceValue

instantaneousCadenceValue: The instantaneous cadence, Unit is in 1/minute (or RPM) with a resolutions of 1 (1/min or 1 RPM)

U16 instantaneousSpeedValue

instantaneousSpeedValue: The instantaneous speed, Unit is in m/s with a resolution of 1/256 s

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