Data Fields
LWM2MObjectMagnetometer_Resource_S Struct Reference

LWM2M resource data for magnetometer.

#include <SDK/xdk110/Common/source/Connectivity/LWM2M/LWM2MObjectMagnetometer.h>

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Data Fields

Lwm2mResource_T direction
Lwm2mResource_T maxRangeValue
Lwm2mResource_T minRangeValue
Lwm2mResource_T units
Lwm2mResource_T xValue
Lwm2mResource_T yValue
Lwm2mResource_T zValue

Field Documentation

Lwm2mResource_T direction

direction according x-axis and y-axis

Lwm2mResource_T maxRangeValue

maximum range of possible values

Lwm2mResource_T minRangeValue

minimum range of possible values

textual units, "uT" according UCUM

value for x-axis

value for y-axis

value for z-axis

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