Data Fields
MCU_DMA_Channel_S Struct Reference

#include <SDK/xdk110/Platform/Essentials/include/mcu/efm32/BCDS_MCU_DMA_Handle.h>

Data Fields

DMA_CB_TypeDef CallBack
uint32_t ChannelId
DMA_CfgChannel_TypeDef Config
struct DMA_Controller_S * Controller
void * Link1
void * Link2

Field Documentation

DMA_CB_TypeDef CallBack

interrupt callback function structure

uint32_t ChannelId

an ID that represents the channel

DMA_CfgChannel_TypeDef Config

channel configuration

struct DMA_Controller_S* Controller

pointer to the associated DMA controller

void* Link1

general component link1

void* Link2

general component link2

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