Data Fields
NVData_S Struct Reference

#include <SDK/xdk110/Libraries/ServalStack/3rd-party/ServalStack/api/Serval_NVData.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t coapMsgID
uint16_t coapRequestToken
uint8_t isRead

Detailed Description

This struct represents the non-volatile data of the stack.

This struct represents the status of the stack which should be retained over a deep-sleep state in order to support correct duty-cycling. A non-volatile memory block must be available which is at least as large as this struct.

See also
NVData_T, NVData_Func_T

Field Documentation

uint16_t coapMsgID

This represents Message ID for the last CoAP message The Message ID is 16 bit long.

uint16_t coapRequestToken

This represents Token for the last CoAP request. This for implementation is fixed to two bytes for space optimization.

uint8_t isRead

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