Data Fields
OutMsgSerializationHandover_S Struct Reference

#include <SDK/xdk110/Libraries/ServalStack/3rd-party/ServalStack/api/Serval_Msg.h>

Data Fields

char * buf_ptr
uint16_t bufLen
uint16_t len
unsigned int offset
unsigned int position

Detailed Description

This data structure is used hold the buffer and information needed by the serializer to append the data at the right place.

This means it encapsulates all input and output information which might be needed by the Serialization function. The function should serialize the content into the buffer provided by this data structure.

Field Documentation

char* buf_ptr

This buffer is used for message serialization

uint16_t bufLen

Length of the buffer provided

uint16_t len

Total length of the constructed message

Msg_T* msg_ptr

This represents the message structure which contains the information to be sent.

unsigned int offset

Offset of the data. Use this value to store how much data has been serialized

unsigned int position

This holds the recipe position. Used to store the serialization "step"

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