Data Fields
RestResource_S Struct Reference

#include <SDK/xdk110/Libraries/ServalStack/3rd-party/ServalStack/api/Serval_RestServer.h>

Data Fields

retcode_t(* handle )(Msg_T *)
char const * interface
char const * type
char const * url

Detailed Description

This data structure holds the minimum data a REST resource must have.

Field Documentation

retcode_t(* handle)(Msg_T *)

A function pointer to the handler function of this resource. This handler will be invoked by the REST Server on an incoming request to the url or on sub url's of this resource.

char const* interface

A description of the interfaces this resource supports. A space has to be used to separate multiple interfaces

char const* type

A description of the types of this resource. A space has to be used to separate multiple types

char const* url

The url of the resource

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