Data Fields
bmp180_calib_param_t Struct Reference

This structure holds all device specific calibration parameters.

#include <SDK/xdk110/Libraries/BSTLib/3rd-party/bstlib/BMP180_driver/bmp180.h>

Data Fields

s16 ac1
s16 ac2
s16 ac3
u16 ac4
u16 ac5
u16 ac6
s16 b1
s16 b2
s16 mb
s16 mc
s16 md

Field Documentation

s16 ac1

calibration ac1 data

s16 ac2

calibration ac2 data

s16 ac3

calibration ac3 data

u16 ac4

calibration ac4 data

u16 ac5

calibration ac5 data

u16 ac6

calibration ac6 data

s16 b1

calibration b1 data

s16 b2

calibration b2 data

s16 mb

calibration mb data

s16 mc

calibration mc data

s16 md

calibration md data

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