Data Fields
bmp280_t Struct Reference

This structure holds BMP280 initialization parameters.

#include <bmp280.h>

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Data Fields

struct bmp280_calib_param_t calib_param
u8 chip_id
void(* delay_msec )(BMP280_MDELAY_DATA_TYPE)
u8 dev_addr
u8 oversamp_pressure
u8 oversamp_temperature

Field Documentation


bus read function pointer


bus write function pointer

struct bmp280_calib_param_t calib_param

calibration data

u8 chip_id

chip id of the sensor

void(* delay_msec)(BMP280_MDELAY_DATA_TYPE)

delay function pointer

u8 dev_addr

device address of the sensor

u8 oversamp_pressure

pressure over sampling

u8 oversamp_temperature

temperature over sampling

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