Data Fields
BleRunningSpeedAndCadenceServiceMeasurementFlags Union Reference

#include <BleRunningSpeedAndCadence_Service.h>

Data Fields

struct {
   unsigned int   instantaneousStrideLengthPresent:1
   unsigned int   isRunning:1
   unsigned int   totalDistancePresent:1
BleRunningSpeedAndCadenceServiceFlags rscMeasurementFlagsValue

Detailed Description

BleRunningSpeedAndCadenceServiceMeasurementFlags type Define the current RSC Measurement flags to be set during the call of BLERUNNINGSPEEDANDCADENCESERVICE_SetRscMeasurement It can be builded using the flag value or bit to bt definition

Field Documentation

struct { ... } fields
unsigned int instantaneousStrideLengthPresent

instantaneousStrideLengthPresent: Field indicating if the instantaneous Stride Length is included in the measurement. ignored if BLE_RUNNINGSPEEDANDCADENCESERVICE_SUPPORT_INSTANTANEOUS_STRIDE_LENGTH is not supported.

unsigned int isRunning

isRunning: Field indicating the current running/walking status isRunning = 0 : Walking ; isRunning = 1 : Running ignored if BLE_RUNNINGSPEEDANDCADENCESERVICE_SUPPORT_RUNNING_STATUS is not supported.

BleRunningSpeedAndCadenceServiceFlags rscMeasurementFlagsValue

The flags byte value

unsigned int totalDistancePresent

totalDistancePresent: Field indicating if the total Distance is included in the measurement. ignored if BLERSCSERVICE_FLAGBITMASK_TOTALDISTANCEMEASUREMENT is not supported.

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